Continuing Concord Hospital’s longstanding connection to veterans’ since it opened in 1941 as a Military Hospital, Sydney Local Health District is developing the country’s first National Centre for Veterans' Healthcare.

The District is liaising with the veterans’ community to create a Centre of Excellence to meet the assessment, treatment and care service needs of veterans and their families. 

The National Centre for Veterans' Healthcare will be Australia’s first comprehensive care centre and will build on the hospital’s long and proud history of providing specialist services to veterans and their families. 

The unique model of care will integrate a range of specialist outpatient services in a one-stop shop to assess, manage, treat and support the physical and mental health and wellbeing needs of veterans.

Using an intensive personalised case management approach, the centre will provide planned and scheduled care across a range of specialist services including: 

  • Psychology
  • Drug and Alcohol programs
  • Pain management and control
  • Mild traumatic brain injury assessment and rehabilitation
  • Physical Rehabilitation
  • Social Work and family support services 
  • Generalised lifestyle, fitness and nutritional programs
  • Access to other tertiary and quaternary medical and surgical services offered at Concord Hospital. 

By staging the implementation of the service, with ongoing evaluation, the holistic model will explore ways to enable the best possible rehabilitation and improved health and wellbeing outcomes. 


Concord Hospital is planning to establish on-site residential accommodation for the veterans’ attending the centre, to allow those from regional or interstate areas to stay on the campus in single or family rooms, and take full advantage of the co-location of specialists.

By providing accommodation, the centre can support families to stay together, recognising the importance of support networks in the rehabilitation and recovery journey. 

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