Frequently asked questions about the Concord Hospital Redevelopment Stage 1 project. 

When will the new building open?

The expected completion of stage 1 is the end of 2021, at which time the building will be handed over and ready for clinical services to move in.

Will there be any impact to hospital services during the construction of Stage 1? 

No clinical or non-clinical services will be affected during the entire Stage One redevelopment. All services will continue to operate as normal during construction, there will be no reduction in bed numbers.

Will there be any upgrades to the existing main hospital multi-block during the redevelopment?

The $341 million funding will provide Stage 1 of the redevelopment. The Concord Hospital masterplan sets out scope and potential sites for future redevelopment. These include refurbishment to some of the current multi-block clinical areas, and a new clinical services building on the site of the ramp wards which will be demolished during stage 1.

How many beds will be in the new building?

The new building for Stage 1 of the redevelopment will deliver a total of 214 beds, which will see an increase of 111 beds at Concord Hospital. 

How many floors/storeys will the new building be?

The new building for Stage 1 of the redevelopment will be a total of seven floors plus a basement. This is in keeping with the current hospital multi-block and the attention paid by the architect in respecting the heritage, which is seven floors. The new building is designed so that it does not impact on the views of the multi-block. When you look at the building from the Hospital Road (west), you will see six floors. Due to the slope of the land, from the eastern side you will see seven floors.

Will the new building connect to the current multi-block?

Yes the new building will connect to the multi block on 4 levels. This will allow for staff and patient movements and goods and services. The main entry to the hospital will provide a link directly to the ground level of the new building. 

Will there be adequate lifts to allow patients, staff, visitors and services to get around the new building?

Yes, there will be dedicated service lifts as well as public lifts. The project is providing an additional two lifts for the existing multi block to improve movements of people and patients throughout the existing hospital.

Will there be gardens/outdoor space for the aged care and psychogeriatric unit?

Yes, the detailed design for the courtyard will provide a therapeutic space for patients. 

Will there be retail spaces and areas to sit and eat?

The new ‘Hospital Street’ link between the existing multi block and the new building will provide an opportunity for additional patient, visitor and staff amenity spaces. The exact location and design of these spaces will be developed further during detailed design. 

How many beds will there be in each patient room?

There will be no 4-bed patient rooms. 66 per cent of the new building will be single patient rooms, the remainder 2-bed rooms. 

Will the patient rooms and bathrooms be bigger?

The size of each patient room is set according to the Australasian Health Facility Guidelines. Each of the rooms is sized to fit all of the equipment required including generous carer zones to allow for visitor and family members to spend time with patients.  

Will there be more storage room for equipment?

Yes, throughout the consultation with clinicians, the needs for equipment storage, in particular for Allied Health and rehabilitation equipment was accommodated for in the design. 

Will there be a new helipad, and will the helipad be impacted during construction?

No. In planning for a new helipad for Concord Hospital, connectivity to the hospital’s emergency department and theatres is important. The Stage One redevelopment will not involve changes to these areas of critical care. During construction, use of the helipad will be maintained at all times and patients being transferred from other hospitals to the Statewide Burns Unit at Concord will be as usual. 

Will the hospital lion crest on the main clinical services building remain visible when the new hospital is completed? 

Yes. The hospital crest, which sits atop of the main hospital building will remain the icon that it is and visible from current perspectives. 

Will the new comprehensive cancer service have the capacity to provide radiation therapy? 

Yes. The District is planning for the provision of radiation therapy to be incorporated into the new comprehensive cancer services in the new building. Concord Hospital’s Haematology and Oncology services will benefit from the additional capacity and scope for new service provision in the new building to provide an environment that enables the world-class clinical care these services provide.

How will the construction vehicles and trucks access the hospital and what about the traffic impacts?

Project architects and planners are working together to schedule the work and maximise the number of entry and exit points to the hospital. The access plans will consider the traffic impact on the local streets and the environmental impacts and will be shared with the community. 

Will additional road signs and wayfinding signage be installed to help guide patients and visitors?

Planning and design of the new building will also inform new signage in the new building and across the campus. This signage will be designed in consultation with staff, patients and community and aim to help everyone navigate. During construction, directional signage will be used to assist people to access areas of the hospital that may change. 

When will the ramp wards be demolished?

During the final part of Stage 1 after the staff and patients are moved into the new building we will commence demolition of the ramp wards. 

What about future developments for Concord?

The scope and funding for any future hospital redevelopments is not yet confirmed. The District’s Clinical Services Plan identifies a range of acute service such as the Emergency Department and Operating Theatres that will require expansion and reconfiguration in the future. 

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